3 Reasons Why I Love Using Google In The Classroom for Math

After 20+ years of teaching, I have found that using Google in the classroom has many benefits.  It has been a game changer for me as a teacher and for my students!  

Here are my top 3 reasons why I love using Google in the classroom.

Two students collaborating on an assignment while looking at a laptop computer.
As a disclaimer, I teach 6th and 7th grade math in a junior high school.  I use Google Classroom to share the assignments that I want my students to complete.

1. Student Access

When I use Google in my classroom, students have access to all of my notes, practice worksheets, and quiz reviews anywhere they have wifi.  This allows students that are absent to make up their work, especially the students that are absent for multiple days in a row.  Using Google in the classroom also allows students that are going on vacation to have the notes and their work while they are gone.  No more preparing work ahead of time for these students or playing "catch-up".  My students have told me that they love to be able to look back at the notes while they are doing their homework and parents have stated that it is a huge benefit when trying to help their sons or daughters.  The biggest plus for my students is there is not a text book to carry to class, or home, for homework.  The bonus for me as a teacher is I don't have to check books in and out, worry about condition when they are returned, or have to deal with not having enough books for my ever-growing class sizes.  You can take a look at my FREE prime factorization lesson to get a better understanding of what my students can see.  The teacher copy gives you access to the answer key as well.
This is a copy of a page of notes on Google slides.  It shows how students can write prime factorization in short hand notation.

2. Students Stay Organized

For one reason or another, just like adults, students have trouble staying organized.  When I share an assignment with my students using Google Classroom, all of their assignments are in one place.  Google also makes a copy of their assignments and puts it into a folder in the students' Google Drive automatically.  Using Google in the classroom prevents students from losing their homework.  It also prevents parents from having to drive their students back to school because they forgot supplies.  Again, students have access to their notes, practice worksheets, and quiz review from anywhere they have wifi.

3. Keeping Track of My Students

Using Google in the classroom makes it easy to keep track of your students from any computer.  I frequently walk around the room and ask probing questions about the assignments my students are working on.  However, it is sometimes difficult to get students to talk about their work.  Using Google in the classroom allows you, as a teacher, to see how your students are doing in "real time".  You can leave comments about students' work and only they can see it.  You can point out mistakes by having them check a particular problem, motivate a student to keep working because they are doing "AWESOME", or encourage students that are working in groups to work more and talk less.  

You can even see how your students are doing if you (or they) are at home.  Several times I have had to stay home with a sick child.  I assigned my students their assignment from home.  My students would log into their Google Classroom accounts and they could immediately see the notes and practice pages that I wanted them to complete.  I could even give strict instructions on things like working in groups, using calculators, or assignment due dates.  I have also logged in while I was at home and checked to see how my students were doing.  As stated before, I could give them immediate feedback even though I was not in class.
This is a pictures of a Google Classroom assignment.  It has an arrow to show where you could type comments to your students.

Helpful Tips

  • Using Google in the Classroom has been a game changer!  
  • I have created all of my Google slides 8.5x11.  This way I can print them off for my students or my students can print them at home.
  • I have created text boxes on the Google Slides so my students just have to type their work and/or answers as they complete their assignments.

If you are looking for math lessons to share with you 6th or 7th grade students, here are the curriculums that I use in my classroom.  6th Grade.  7th Grade.

This is a pictures with the caption "3 Reasons why I Use Google In My Math Classroom"


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